Temporary & permanent Staffing Services

We provide temporary/permanent staffing solutions to meet your short-term to medium-term hiring needs

Staffing to All Extents – Temporary/Permanent Recruitment Solutions to Advanced Levels!

In this ever-growing, uncertain market, enterprises – big and small are making every effort to combat the environmental ups and downs. This is when the need to curb down on full-time employees becomes visible, and the desire to hire flexible employees’ increases. At BrainSmith Placement, we provide temporary staffing solutions with candidates who can specifically fulfil your company’s requirements that you desire.

Our team is a globally renowned, temporary staffing agency wherein we gain access to highly qualified, talented, and resourceful candidates and recruit them for you based on your cyclical requirements. We ensure to provide trustworthy, reliable temporary/contractual recruits through our temporary staffing services who can offer 100% staff-strength to your team and free you from the burden of unwanted, full-time employees.

You may consider us – BrainSmith Placement to be the most-trusted contract staffing agency with a wide range of permanent and temporary staffing services in India. We offer all kinds of temporary and permanent recruitment solutions such as domestic & international recruitments, IT and technical hiring, remote staffing, niche-oriented recruitments, and more.

Temporary/Permanent Recruitment Solutions

Our Services to Look for in Temporary Recruitment Solutions!

  • Half-Circle

    You hire temporary employees, yet they shall stay under our payrolls.

  • We will handle all the standard contractual procedures of temporary recruits.

  • Half-Circle

    We will take care of their employee administrative procedures and payrolls.

  • We will be 100% responsible – statutory compliance and remittance, and paid/unpaid leaves.

How will you benefit from us?

How will you benefit from us?

You will require serious commitment when hiring permanent employees in your company; therefore, we let you pick the best and just the perfect ones for your company. We know the in-and-out of permanent staffing services, and will provide you with top-notch temporary recruitment solutions, wherever and whenever required

Why Choose US?

At BrainSmith, we are the leading permanent staffing agency in India that can offer all kinds of full-time, part-time, and cost-effective, permanent staffing services right at your doorstep. No matter what you require, we can fulfil all your IT and technical staffing requirements worldwide. We can also help you with recruiting non-IT and non-technical candidates within domestic borders. Below are our USPs:

Why Choose US?
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